Central filter cartridge replacement

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Product information:

The original German Ecosoft brand
Product ingredients and benefits:

The product consists of three stages, each stage has a specific and different function in purifying and filtering water

The first stage :

Filter made of pressed polypropylene filaments intended to purify water from large particles of sediments such as rust, sand, scale, silt, etc.

The second Stage :

The filter contains a 50,000 liter coconut shell carbon block
It removes chlorine and chlorine by-products, and concentrates toxic heavy metals, phenols, petroleum products, and pesticides. It improves the color, taste and aroma of water. Due to the block structure, the filter also reduces sediments larger by 10 μm.

third Stage :

Cartridges are made of molten polypropylene with the addition of an antimicrobial agent based on silver. Removes sediments such as sand, silt, rust and suspended solids. Cartridge protection technology from microbiological growth, which increases long life of cartridges. Products for cold water filtration.

Benefits of using the filter

A source of delicious water that is free of odors or flavors

Transparent water free from sediments such as sand, rust, scale, etc.

Suitable for filters produced by other manufacturers

The shower and Jacuzzi will stay clean, and the water pressure will be high

Your home appliances and heating systems will last longer


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