Water filters to purify water

We use water every single day of our lives. Over 1 million people die each year of the diseases related to water and hygiene. That is why it is so crucial to control its quality. There are water purification filters for any kind of purposes. They are commonly divided into the following groups. Soft Water – KW is an international water filter wholesale distributor. We are the only water filter distributor in Kuwait that provide the full range of products, from pitcher filters to industrial reverse osmosis systems.

Drinking water at your kitchen

Pitcher filters – simple and mobile, lowest price 3-stage filters – super-quick filtration, fresh and natural taste of water Reverse osmosis filtration filters – provide absolutely safe water saturated with complex of minerals

Pure water for your household purposes

At home, whether it is a small apartment or a large cottage, you need pure water to bathe and shower, do washing-up and cleaning. Operation and service life of home appliances you buy, since you directly connect them to water mains (including washing and dishwashing machines, heating equipment), are also dependent on the quality of source water. This group of water treatment filters is intended to keep your household clean and safe. They reduce variety of impurities including sediments, organic matter, hardness, chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide etc., as well as disinfect water.

Water filter for coffee bar, restaurant or hotel

Within the service industry, it is extremely important to deliver the best quality services to customers at almost any cost. Good reputation is in details, it is established by years of hard work and word of mouth. Water filtration filters in this group are applied for: supply of drinking water to be used for hot drinks and cooking, safety, hygiene and comfort of customers (tap water), internal needs of a company related to its trends of activity (to guarantee operation of any kind of device connected to water mains including coffee, washing and dishwashing machines, heating equipment etc.).

Boiler plants

Water supplied to boilers and heaters can contain variety of impurities that shorten service life of the equipment or can even lead to its unrepairable breakdown. For one, when the water is heated, hardness salts form deposits and scale that hamper correct operation of the boiler or heater. Water purifier for source water used in the boilers and heaters of various volumes and capacities is intended to prevent such nuisance, as well as to protect long-term and high-quality operation of the equipment.

Industrial application

Factory of any kind requires water supply for manufacturing, technical or utility purposes, either it is being used in its production processes or to provide for the needs of its employees. Special water filter or system of this kind are elaborated to satisfy requirements of a number of industries including food and beverages manufacture, microelectronics, electric energy plants, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, chemical processes, mechanical engineering and many others.

Business of water production

Water is the source of life, and water treatment business is clearly the source of profits. Above all, it is characterized by uninterrupted demand from consumers. At this time, there are various opportunities to engage into the business of water production. Among the other water production units, the most widespread are vending machines, mobile containers or even a separate stand-alone shop with relevant water treatment equipment inside. Certainly, the variety of filters is much larger. At this website, please see the page of our store to find out more wholesale water filters.

Installation and maintenance

When you are ready to choose a filter, its cost plays an important part. But after the purchase other factors might become even more significant: quality of purification, filter’s service life, cost and availability of replacement filters, spare parts and consumables, timely services from the manufacturer etc. we provide you with all the variety of services beginning from delivery and installation of the equipment to its maintenance and enhancement. We will always remind you about the time to replace your filters and offer the affordable price list. You are also welcome to ask for consultations and services related to operation of our products and any other subjects related to the water treatment industry