Filter Triple Jumbo for Whole House Systems Made In Europe

20″ high efficiency 3-Stage Whole house Big Blue® filtration system with metal platform, pressure gauges and connection adapters


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  • Pure water at your home is a comfort for your family:
    Taking a shower or bathroom will be much more pleasant. Filter Triple Jumbo  makes water clear, without chlorine or a rotten eggs smell
    House cleaning will be easier. You will forget about the yellow marks on the plumbing in your bathroom
    The washing machine and dishwater will operate better and longer.


  • 3-Stage Whole House Big Blue® filtration System suitable for POE (Point of use) installations. HHBB20B housings are compatible with a broad range of cartridge types available on the market. Additionally, pressure drop can be monitored through the two pressure gauges located in the inlet and outlet positions of the system besides the microbial protection conferred by blue colored-housings in sunny locations. Equipped with pressure relief valves and a rounded bottom which increases stress resistance, HHBB20B ensures a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.


  • Housing sumps and filter heads: FH20Bx_L
  • Pressure gauge and brass extension: KCGA-1 and KCGA-1-E2
  • Centralizing and o-rings: NI-412-CENT-GR-AB and OR-N-1524X57
  • Feed water connectors: FXCG1-B
  • Wrench for filter: FXWR1BB-BL
  • Installation instructions (English language)
  • System dimensions (Height x Width x Length): 720 x 380 x 220 mm
  • Cartridge dimensions (Height x Outer Diameter): 20 x 4 1/2 inches
  • Operating temperature range (water): 2 – 45 °C (35 – 113 °F)
  • Operating pressure: 6 bar (90 psi)
  • 100% factory-assembled, leak tested and ready for installation


Made In Europe By Aqua filter