Central Heating System : 

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Central Heating System With Ultra-Fine Filter

Item Code : CHSWF3S

Designed for A large house with 10 to 15 bathrooms and a kitchen.



System components :
  • 2 Central heater 80 gallons (Made in USA) 

        Warranty  :  Five years 

  • Feed pump (Made in Spain or Italy) 

          Warranty  :  One year

  • Recirculation pump (Made in Spain or Italy) 

          Warranty  :  One year

  • Three-stage central filter (Made in Europe)

           Warranty  :  One year 

  • Pipe connection (Turkey Or UAE)

          Warranty  :  3 years

  • System base made of galvanized 

          Warranty  :  five years


Enjoy a warm shower for you and your family