Standerd filter 3 stage with UV

KWD 150.000


Triple filter Ecosoft With UV disinfection Unit is:

  • a source of drinking and cooking Water free of microbes and bacteria sterilized by ultraviolet radiation  24/7/365;
  • a reasonable price, with budget service and expendables.


  • 4 steps for purification And sterilization of running water.
  • Pure water softening ,and making it free from microbes and bacteria  and chlorine removal.
  • Filtration rate 1 litre per minute.
  • Easy installation and replacement of cartridges.
  • Compact filter dimensions.

What are the features of the model?

Triple filter Ecosoft With UV disinfection Unit

is an affordable solution for the effective purification and disinfection of drinking-cooking  water. Purifying is carried out in 3 stages, and Sterilization is done through a fourth stage.

Makes the water used for cooking and drinking in restaurants, cafes, cafes and hotels in compliance with the approved health specifications.

Spare parts available at all points of sale, affordable and budget friendly

The process of purification, disinfection and sterilization does not include the discharge of a quantity of invalid water, which means that the water will not be wasted unnecessarily

Pure water can be connected to two outlets for cooking out and directly connected to the water cooler

The device is available in different sizes depending on the amount of water required and your need is determined by our engineers


Filter structure

  • Triple filter Ecosoft With UV disinfection Unit flow filter consists of three flasks with replaceable cartridges and In addition to the fourth stage of sterilization and disinfection .
  • To remove the flasks before replacing the cartridges, you must use the key included in the installation kit.
  • The filter is installed under the kitchen sink and is connected to the cold water pipeline. For a purified water supply, there is a separate tap mounted at the sink or in the kitchen worktop.




Replaceable cartridges

During filtration the water passes through 3 cartridges To carry out the purification process to prepare for the sterilization stage Then it goes through a fourth stage of disinfection and sterilization  in turn.

Stage one

Removes large impurities from water: grains of sand, rust.

The cartridge material is polypropylene foam.

Stage two

Softens water, removes chlorine, harmful organic and organochlorine substances, metals, phenols and petroleum products.

The cartridge is filled with the Ecomix filter material.

Stage three

Fine water purification. Activated coconut carbon cartridge.

Stage four-UV disinfection Unit

Removes 99.8% of microorganisms

Water passes through the ultraviolet disinfectant, where the disinfection process takes place.

The quartz cover is a necessary measure to prevent water from entering the case of the emitter.



Who is it best suited for?

  • Designed for disinfection of drinking water and household appliances in the hotel, cafe, restaurant, points and devices for bottling water, as part of drinking water treatment plants, as well as in industry for various technological processes

BPA FREE. Ecosoft triple filters are made from primary food material (polypropylene).




Set of UV disinfection system:

  • stainless steel housing assembly;
  • quartz sleeve;
  • UV emitter;
  • power supply (electronic ballast).

In the production of these plastics, bisphenol is not used, and their composition is in accordance with the EU Directive “Items used for contact with food.”