Melt-blown PP Sediment filter cartridge 40*2.5

(4367 customer reviews)
  • Transparent water, protection of equipment, plumbing, piping and the main filter
  • Stable particle retention
  • Replacement every 3-6 months

KWD 3.00

Category: Product ID: 1828


Basic information

The Ecosoft 2.5″x40″ 5-micron porous polypropylene replacement filter is intended to purify water from sediment particles such as rust, sand, scale, silt etc.

The replacement filter protects equipment and plumbing from damage.

Key advantages

  • 40 000 litres capacity
  • High quality of purification
  • Stable characteristics for retention of the particles
  • Protection of plumbing and sanitary ware


Replacement filters are used for protecting the water supply network and connected fittings, equipment, machinery, tanks, boilers and production facilities from breakdowns and corrosion damage.

Benefits of using the replacement filter

  • Shower and bath with pure and transparent water
  • Shower and Jacuzzi sprayers will remain clean, water pressure will be high
  • Your home appliances and heating systems will work longer
  • Replacement filters for drinking water will have to be replaced much less often


The replacement filter represents a polypropylene porous cylinder produced using the melt-blown technique.

Necessary degree of rigidity is achieved without application of core by melting fibers into the rigid structure.

The replacement filter reduces contents of sediment particles, and clean water is supplied to the consumer.




The Ecosoft replacement sediment filter 2,5″x40″ is intended for cold water only.

The replacement filter is not intended for purification of microbiologically contaminated water without proper decontamination of feed or purified water.

Service life of the replacement filter depends on the quality of feed water.

Do not exceed the recommended filtration rate, this can lead to deterioration of water purification quality.

The replacement filter must be changed at least every 6 months.




Technical characteristics of Ecosoft 2,5″х20″ PP melt blown replacement filter



Type of filter sediment filters
Material polypropylene fiber
Standard size 2.5″×40″
Filter rating, micron 5
Water temperature, °C +3…+43
Height, mm 1019 ± 2.0
External diameter, mm 60 ± 1.0
Recommended filtration rate, l/min 25

4367 reviews for Melt-blown PP Sediment filter cartridge 40*2.5

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