Ecosoft Dewberry Shape 3.5 L pitcher filter

(4405 customer reviews)
  • Tap water becomes tasty and loses chlorine odour
  • 8 glasses of your daily water in a stylish pitcher
  • Ergonomic design
  • BPA-free
  • 12 months warranty

KWD 12.00

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Model features

We created Dewberry for lovers of beauty. This filter quenches not only your thirst, but also your aesthetic needs. The elegant round case will be harmoniously combined with the interior of your kitchen.
It is easy and convenient to use the filter thanks to the detailed design consideration. And inside – the most advanced cleaning technology for jug filters. You will enjoy the convenience and quality of cleaning from the leader of the Ukrainian market of water filters.

Dewberry – quality water is always at hand

  • 2 litres of tasty pure water.
  • In 5 minutes you get a litre of pure, chlorine odourless water.
  • In addition, Dewberry softens water, reduces the amount of iron, manganese and organic pollutants.

Dewberry is a nice filter:

  • it’s nice to give and receive as a gift
  • it’s nice to take it in the morning to pour a glass of fresh water
  • it’s nice to look at it in the kitchen
  • it’s nice to put it on the table in front of your guests


Dewberry – the filter with a well considered design

  • the hole for pouring water allows you not to remove the cover once again
  • spout protects water from dust
  • silicon feet make the filter steady


The filter jug Dewberry Shape consists of a transparent body with anti-slip feet, a matt funnel for pouring water and a lid. The special recess is provided for installing the cartridge inside the funnel. Therefore, it is easy to install and fix it with a light twisting motion.

Also, the traditional design, familiar to many, of the Ecosoft Dewberry pitcher filter has introduced new details. So, for filling with water the cover does not have to be removed completely. To do this, it has a special hatch, which greatly simplifies the process of water collection.

A special spout is provided for protection against dust. To pour water, you just need to tilt the filter and the spout will automatically deflect.

How is water purified?

  • Tap water is poured into the funnel
  • Then it passes through a special filter element and is cleaned of the main impurities
  • Water is collected in the lower tank.

The Dewberry filter makes tap water clean and tasty.
In Dewberry filter cartridges we use Ecomix technology

What’s inside the cartridge?

Primary water purification is carried out using a mesh, which holds large mechanical impurities. Then the water passes through filtering material Ecomix, which consists of several components. As a result, you get clear, chlorine odourless water. In addition, Dewberry softens water, reduces the amount of iron, manganese, organic pollutants.

What is Ecomix?

Ecomix is a filter mixture, each component of which is intended to solve a specific water problem. And they do it well.

Inside Dewberry Cartridge:

  • activated carbon – removes chlorine and its compounds;
  • ion exchange resin – softens water. This component is treated with silver to prevent the appearance of germs inside the cartridge;
  • modified ion exchange resin – removes iron, manganese, reduses water color.

Who are the users?

Pitcher filter Dewberry Shape combines high quality purification and modern design. The cartridge with the Ecomix technology effectively purifies water, removing the main pollutants.
Purified water is ideal for drinking without boiling, preparing meals and drinks. The water is enough for a family of 1-3 people.


Quality and safety

BPA FREE. Ecosoft pitcher filters and cartridges for them are made from primary food materials (ABS, polystyrene and polypropylene). In the production of these plastics we don’t use bisphenol and their composition is in accordance with the EU Directive “Items used for contact with food.”

4405 reviews for Ecosoft Dewberry Shape 3.5 L pitcher filter

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