Ecosoft МО-6500 BW SS commercial reverse osmosis system


  • Online monitoring system 
  • Up to 1800 gal of pure water per day 
  • Eye-catching design and compact size 
  • Energy efficiency with Dow Filmtec™ LCLE membranes and Grundfos pump 
  • High reliability in a demanding environment with quality components and engineering 

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Ecosoft МО-6500 BW SS is a fully automated and compact 250 L/h reverse osmosis system.

The equipment includes Grundfos high pressure pump, Dow Filmtec™ extra low energy membranes, automated valves and flow control valves.

The RO system is equipped with a controller OC6000 and most necessary instrumentation. A range of options is available on request.

Key features

High reliability in a demanding environment

Remote service and data monitoring thanks to ECONNECT

Smart design enabling quick and efficient unit maintenance

High-quality components from leading manufacturers

Lasting membrane life thanks to membrane permeate flush

Reliable and elegant design of the stainless steel frame and components

Profitable business

Improved ОС6000 controller for constant independent operation of the system


ОС 6000 controller — unmatched control and flexibility for professional use:

— measures the flow rate and volume of purified water;

— quality of feed water and treated water;

— optional rejection of the initial product water;

— remote update of firmware.


With ECONNECT functionality, system maintenance becomes easier and more effective!

A history of system maintenance and operation in the personal web dashboard will allow the most efficient and timely replacement of filters, chemical cleaning of membranes and other system maintenance routines.

● Replace the sediment filters — at least once every 3 months.

The sediment filter protects the RO membrane from large impurities such as sand, clay particles, etc. With the ECONNECT function you will always know when to replace them. Now your membrane element and system will last much longer.

● Carry out chemical cleaning of the RO membrane — at least twice a year.

CIP should be carried out in case of deteriorating purified water quality or capacity reduction, which you can observe in the personal web dashboard. CIP is carried out by using a chemical cleaning unit and cleaning chemicals.


You don’t need to keep a system maintenance log any more!

Timely maintenance expands the lifetime of the equipment, but also provides pure and safe water of the highest quality.

Other benefits

— Elegant design and robust housing

— Neat pipeline arrangement

— Detailed documentation

— Reachable controls and instruments on a single panel

— Reliable package — safe transportation guarantee

— Filmtec membrane

— Grundfos pump with World Wide Warranty

— No leakage — stainless steel pressure line, German-made Praher fittings

— Lasting membrane life thanks to membrane permeate flush

— High efficiency

— Energy efficient

— Possibility to connect raw water blending line

— Membranes can be cleaned

— CIP units available enabling the operator to carry out chemical cleaning on site


Ecosoft RO systems offer great value in the following applications:

Application Benefits
ico_boiler.png Steam boilers Less boiler blowdown compared to ion
exchange softened water
ico_semi.png Semiconductor
Enhanced rejection of silica, boron, ammonia,
and other impurities compared to other
RO products
ico_pharma.png Pharmaceutical
Consistent rejection of pyrogens and toxic
ico_food.png Food processing Enhanced Dow Filmtec™ membranes and
raw water blending available optionally
ico_chem.png Chemical
Purified water is requisite for most processes
in chemical industry
ico_cooling.png Heat and
cooling circuits
Prevention of scaling and corrosion
due to hardness  and other impurities
ico_anod.png Galvanic and
Used to obtain any grade of water for metal
ico_glass.png Insulation glazing Prevention of stains and scale on glass surfaces,
lower detergent usage
ico_textile.png Textile industry Used to obtain any grade of water for textile
ico_bottle.png Drinking water
Heavy duty Dow Filmtec™ membranes for
problem water with nitrate, ammonia, high TOC,
high TDS available as option
ico_irri.png Agriculture Demineralized water is most suitable for both
plants and irrigation systems
ico_fish.png Fish farms Optional raw water blending allows to fine tune
TDS, hardness, and alkalinity to specific
ico_building.png Utility water
RO water meets the EC Drinking Water
Directive and protects pipes and valves against
scaling, clogging and corrosion
ico_wash.png Laundry and
car wash
Prevention of stains and scale, cleaner
wash/laundry, lower detergent usage
ico_desal.png Desalination Dow Filmtec™ XLE membranes and Grundfos®
pumps offer lowest energy use per m3 permeate



Flow capacity1 250 L/h
Permeate recovery depends on feed water quality
Maximum TDS 10 000 mg/L
Influent flow rate (service) 400-800 L/h
Influent flow ratee (rinse) 1500-2000 L/h
Operating pressure 15…20 bar
Maximum pressure 25 bar
Electrical requirements 3 × 380 V, 50 Hz
Electrical power 2.2 kW
Prefilter rating 5 μm
1 depends on feed water TDS, temperature, and permeate recovery — see graph on the right



Main parameters

Grundfos® CRN 1-36 pump 1 pc Dimensions (Width × depth × height):
Stainless steel membrane housing 1 pc — reverse osmosis system 0.75×0.54×1.52 m
BB10 sediment prefilter 1 pc — transport box 1.0×0.8×1.8 m
Motorized valves 2 pcs Weight
Balancing valves 2 pcs — reverse osmosis system 150 kg
Electrical panel with IoT controller OC6000 1 pc — crated system weight 220 kg
Pipes and valves 1 set Connection port sizes:
Instruments (sensors, gauges) 1 set Feed water G ½″
Membrane elements Filmtec LCLE-4040 1 pc Permeate G ½″
Steel frame 1 set Concentrate G ½″


Feed water requirements

— TDS < 10 000 mg/L
— Hardness < 150 mg/L CaCO3
— Iron < 0.1 mg/L
— Manganese < 0.05 mg/L
— Hydrogen Sulfide none
— Silica < 20 mg/L
— Chlorine < 0.1 mg/L
— SDI < 5






Feed water goes through sediment prefilters to remove particles less than 5 microns. High pressure pump feeds the prefiltered water into the membrane array. Inside the membranes, feed water is separated into purified water (permeate) and brine with retained impurities (concentrate). Ecosoft RO systems feature built-in concentrate recycle, sending part of the concentrate back to the pump.

If using antiscalant for hard water then it is injected before the prefilters, so the chemical is mixed with water more thoroughly.

Demineralized water (permeate) is collected in a tank with level sensor, which turns off the unit when the tank is full. Before shutdown or at specified intervals, the installation is automatically rinsed with feed water. This mode is called the hydraulic flushing. The system requires a short-term (for 1-2 minutes) water supply exceeding the supply in the operating mode.

The unit is equipped with an OC6000 controller with the following functionality:

  • automatic switching on and off of the equipment upon signal from the level sensor in the permeate collector or pressure in the permeate line with preliminary hydraulic flushing;
  • emergency shutdown of the equipment by signals from dry-running sensors, overpressure in the module;
  • shutdown of equipment on the external STOP signal;
  • hydraulic flushing of membranes;
  • permanent quality control (electrical conductivity and temperature) of permeate.



Sediment filters protect the membrane from large impurities such as sand, clay particles, etc. Failure to replace the filters in due time can damage or destroy the membrane. In order to avoid such critical situations, we recommend changing the filter at least once every 3 months.


In case of worsening quality of the treated water or a decrease in productivity, it is necessary to conduct chemical cleaning of the RO membrane with a CIP-station and special reagents. To obtain purified water of high quality, we recommend chemical cleaning at least twice a year.

Long downtime

If you do not plan to use the system for a long time, it is necessary to shut off the water supply to the system, and soak the membrane elements in a special preservative solution – this will keep the membranes working when the equipment is not in use.

Operating log

You don’t need to keep a system maintenance log any more! All information is available online.

Important precautions:

  • Carefully read the instruction before operating the unit.
  • Only use piping of equal or larger diameter than the RO system’s inlet and outlet ports (indicated in the specification)
  • Membranes are shipped in original packaging and must be installed before operating the system. O-ring seals on the membranes must be on the feed water side of the pressure vessel.
  • Remove plastic wraps from filters before installing them in pre-filter housings.
  • Make sure feed water is supplied to the system at required pressure before starting up the system.
  • Check Lovato protection relay when connecting power to the cabinet. Red light or flashing green light signals phase failure or abnormal voltage conditions as per instruction.
  • Do not use brass, iron, or copper pipe for permeate plumbing.
  • During first run, concentrate flow rate, recycle flow rate, and the operating pressure must be adjusted with the flow control valves.
  • The operating pressure must not exceed 25 bar. The ratio of permeate flow rate to drain flow rate must not exceed 0.75 (75 %).
  • Permeate obtained within the first hour after the installation of new or regenerated membrane elements must be discharged into the sewer.
  • It is advisable to supply influent water using a feed water tank and pump, and to deliver permeate using permeate tank and pump.