Ecosoft water softener (62 L media)

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  • Suitable for house or apartment with 3-4 bathrooms ?
  • Streaks and stains on dishes and glass surfaces disappear ?
  • Household appliances without scale ?
  • Soft skin and healthy hair ?
  • Filter media life – 7-10 years ?
  • Simple maintenance ?
  • Stable supply of pure water

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Ecosoft FK 1252CE filter is an independent filter intended for reduction of iron, manganese, hardness, ammonium and organic matter in water.

The filter vessel is filled with the Ecomix® advanced softening media and supplied with a multifunctional control valve and a brine tank for system regeneration.

The unique control valve is a product developed by Ecosoft and produced by Clack Corporation (USA). It provides the filter’s independent service, keeps a constant reserve of purified water and doesn’t require any special attention.

Key advantages

  • Fully automatic and noise-free.
  • Uninterrupted delivery of pure and soft water.
  • Durable and efficient operation for no less than 5 years.
  • Cost-effective salt consumption and low volume of discharge.
  • Quality guaranteed by the international CE and ISO certificates.

Benefits of using filtered water

  • Pure water with no odours in every tap, shining sanitary ware, and utensils.
  • Silky skin and healthy hair.
  • Condition and colours of clothes and linens are preserved.
  • Significant savings on detergents — up to 50%.
  • Longer service life of equipment with heating elements (washing machine, dishwasher, boiler, and kettle).

Device and filter operation

The system consists of two main modules — a vessel with filter media and a salt-solvent tank. The cylinder is made of a corrosion resistant polymer composite material. Inside, there is Ecomix® filtering mixture, which consists of several components.

Each component of the filter filling is designed to neutralize or retain certain different kinds of harmful impurities. As a result, integrated water filtration is carried out in one stage. Purified water has good organoleptic characteristics and can be used for any household needs. It is completely safe for skin and hair, and also does not form scale on the heating elements of the devices.

Who are the users?

The complex cleaning system Ecosoft FK 1354 CE is optimally suited for cleaning water in houses and apartments with up to 4 – 5 people. The filter capacity is up to 2,2 m3 per hour. The filter can be used for purifying and softening deep-well and tap water.

How does it look?

The improvements are clear!

fashion (1).png
Underwear and clothes keep their colour and quality after washing, and therefore last longer

bleach (2).png
Up to 50% savings in detergents and washing powder and up to 30% energy savings!

iron (2).png
Your home appliances — iron, steamer, humidifier will no longer suffer from the formation of scale or sediment

basin (2).png
Bathing will not cause discomfort and dry skin


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