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  • Always Fresh air of your home Around
  • High quality components and careful engineering approach
  • Sophisticated automation – works reliably, without user intervention
  • Autonomous operation even in case of emergency power outages

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The main thing about installation
BCleaner installations are developed for use in places where there is no possibility to be connected to the centralized sewerage: in private houses, cottages, in summer residences. The installation is made at the factory in the form of a modular-block design that allows to minimize preparatory construction works, and the technology developed by our experts allows to reduce service of this system to a minimum. Biological treatment is carried out with the help of microorganisms that decompose and oxidize organic pollutants present in wastewater, while releasing energy and multiplying.

Who is it suitable for?

For families (3-7 people) living in country houses, cottages, dachas.

What exactly will happen after the purchase of the installation?
you will forget about the appearance of unpleasant odors around your home

due to the high degree of wastewater treatment, the soil and plants are not contaminated with nitrates

you will forget about the issue of sanitation

the design thought over by engineers allows to accept volley discharges of sewage without decrease in efficiency of clearing keeping the compact sizes

System complete set:

Installation housing

Membrane aerator

Air compressor

Mechanical cleaning filter

Pipe strapping


The principle of operation is based on a combination of mechanical and biological methods of cleaning. In addition, due to a combination of anaerobic and aerobic processes, the degree of wastewater treatment can reach 97-98%. Sediment and coarse particles are separated in the mechanical cleaning zone by means of a special delay chamber. After the mechanical treatment step, the wastewater first enters the anaerobic zone, where denitrification reactions take place. After the anaerobic zone, wastewater enters the aerator, where there is a fine-bubble oxygen saturation of the air.

Many of the microorganisms that make up the activated sludge in the effluent absorb contaminants into the cell, where they undergo biochemical transformations under the influence of enzymes, thereby purifying wastewater. Sedimentation of activated sludge occurs in the secondary settling tank, further removal of purified water from the installation is carried out by an airlift. Activated sludge from the secondary settling tank is automatically and regularly discharged into the primary settling tank to improve the wastewater treatment process.


The bCleaner domestic wastewater treatment plant requires minimal maintenance.

To delay large contaminants (toilet paper, food debris, etc.) coming with the wastewater into the installation, there is a chamber for the retention of large impurities, which must be periodically cleaned.

As a result of work over time in the installation the spent activated sludge which needs to be removed once on the average once a year will collect.





Productivity, m3 / day 0,5–1,3
Diameter, mm 1200
Height, mm 2000
Height of supply of the pipeline, mm 1375
Height of branch of the pipeline, mm 1295
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
POWER compressor, W 50
Self-supporting in reinforced concrete rings



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